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Britain’s Best Bike and Gear Test

| Buyers Guides, What Mountain Bike | 08/07/2010 14:10pm

100% expert and impartial advice you can trust every month

What Mountain Bike is brought to you by the most authoritative team in the business. Our combined expert experience amounts to over 150 years of riding, testing and writing about mountain bikes and gear, with thousands of bikes, components and trails ridden. The result is that we are recognised as the very best at slicing through the marketing hype and guiding you through the often baffling maze of bike and product types to find exactly the right ones
for you and how you ride, whatever your budget.

Our mission
To arm you with the best buying advice available and make your next purchase the right one for you.

Our tests are
Relevant: Every month we test bikes and gear that are relevant to you and your budget; we test the benchmark. We’re here to help you buy better products against the newcomers; ensure that the products you want to buy are tested when you need them; test kit to suit all budgets; and test through all conditions and many miles of real-world riding to arm you with the facts you need to know about each and every bike and bit of kit to help you buy better.

Comprehensive: We test more bikes and gear than anyone else, and have both male and female full-time ‘in the field’ testers amid our core test team. We put in thousands of miles ridden each year to give you the complete picture of how each and every product shapes up both initially and over the long term. Our 34-page Buyer’s Guide in every issue lists the cream of every bike type and key price points together with the best of the seasonal components and software. We update it every issue with the best new bikes and gear so you can be sure you’re getting the greatest overview possible.

Independent: What Mountain Bike is part of Future Publishing and is subject to the company’s strict code of conduct on testing. Products from advertisers are tested to the same exacting standards as every other product. Advertising considerations never influence our reviews, even if this policy works to our commercial disadvantage.

Accurate: We research the needs of a typical buyer to ensure that our tests are accurate to their needs and spend hours poring over the facts. We measure, check and recheck all bikes and gear using our own equipment and facilities to ensure that you always get accurate and impartial hard data – and not just the figures claimed by the manufacturers.

How we test

  • We test every bike and product in the UK on one of our test routes in Bristol and Bath, the Mendips, the North York Moors and the Yorkshire Dales over real-world terrain and conditions that you’ll encounter day in, day out, as well as testing on manmade trails the country over.
  • Each bike and product tested is ridden as many times as it takes for us to feel 100% at ease with our final judgement by a variety of expert testers and trusted real-world riders.
  • We combine ride testing with empirical testing and analysis wherever necessary to give you the true picture of how products perform.
  • We check all claimed facts and measurements after our initial ride tests so that no preconceptions cloud our judgement, and we test the bike as a whole – not merely the sum of its constituent parts.
  • Our verdicts are the results of hours of debate among WMB testers – not just one journalist’s view – to give the most accurate and considered judgements possible.


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