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Ride Guide

| Routes, What Mountain Bike | 08/07/2010 12:04pm

The Essential Guide to the Best Trails

We rate our routes so you can be sure what to expect when you tackle them. The route classifications are fairly self-explanatory, with one at the easy end and five the pinnacle of difficulty, plus we list scores for physical strenuousness, navigation difficulty and trail technicality. We also give an overall mark that’ll give you an idea of how much energy you’ll want to devote to each route.

CLASSIC RIDE A longer, more challenging route requiring technical skills and/or a good level of fitness.

MODERATE OR INTERMEDIATE RIDE More technical trail suitable for proficient riders with good off-road skills

EASY RIDE Suitable for riders with basic mountain biking skills

To download these routes into your GPS or computer’s mapping software, click here GPX data.

That’ll take you through to almost all of our Ride Guides, online via Bikely. Click on the ‘Share’ tab above the route map and select either ‘Download .gpx’ or ‘.kml (Google Earth)’. Save to your hard disk and then import into your GPS-compatible mapping software, such as Memory Map, or upload to your GPX-compatible GPS.

Don’t forget that you’re mountain biking so always take a back up compass, first aid kit, a spare tube or two, a multi tool, a rain jacket and something tasty to snack on just in case your out on the hills longer than you’d planned.

Happy trails!


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