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Bike Of The Year 2010

| Cycling Plus, Features | 26/07/2010 14:52pm

After extensive testing and much deliberation, Cycling Plus magazine have named the
£1,799.99 Cannondale Six Carbon 105 as their Bike Of The Year 2010.

We’ll be running full reviews of the winning machine and some of the other contenders here on BikeRadar over the next few weeks.

But what kind of competition was it up against? And what made our testers pick it above the 49 other £1,500-£2,500 machines submitted by dozens of top manufacturers for the test?

Testing times

Every single bike was ridden by as many members of Cycling Plus’s 11-strong BOTY test team as possible, over varying terrain. As more testers – who ranged from sponsored team racers to sportive riders and commuters – rode more bikes, their views were then collated, with the aim of trimming the original list down to a top 10, then a top five and finally an overall winner.

The riders would go out in groups, swap bikes, then ride the same route on new bikes in order to compare them over the same steep climbs and sharp descents. They’d ask themselves – and each other – which was the fastest, the most comfortable, had the best kit, the best wheels, was the lightest, the most stylish…

After many miles, and nearly as much arguing, they finally came to a decision as to which bike they thought would please most Cycling Plus readers. The Cannondale wasn’t necessarily head-and-shoulders above the other bikes that made the top five, but ultimately it appealed to more testers, and it was also hard to ignore the fact that it offers a sublime ride quality at £700 less than its rivals.

Here’s a rundown of all 50 bikes and how they scored. For the full lowdown on all these machines, check out issue 234 of Cycling Plus (you can buy back issues via


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