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How We Test

| Cycling Plus, Know How | 27/07/2010 09:02am

Here at Cycling Plus we pride ourselves on properly testing the products we put on the page.

That means every bit of kit is used thoroughly for the purpose it was intended and, occasionally, for a few things it wasn’t. As well as the Cycling Plus staffers, we have a trusted team of testers including mile munchers, tech heads and speed freaks like Lowenna Smith, Pete Giddings and Dan Joyce.

How we test

We test every bike and product in the UK on one of our test routes in Bristol and Bath, the Mendips, the North York Moors and the Yorkshire Dales over real-world terrain and conditions that you’ll encounter day in, day out.

Each bike and product tested is ridden as many times as it takes for us to feel 100% at ease with our final judgement by a variety of expert testers and trusted real-world riders.

We combine ride testing with empirical testing and analysis wherever necessary to give you the true picture of how products perform.

We check all claimed facts and measurements after our initial ride tests so that no preconceptions cloud our judgement, and we test the bike as a whole – not merely the sum of its constituent parts.

Our verdicts are the results of hours of debate among C+ testers – not just one journalist’s view – to give the most accurate and considered judgements possible.


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