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Cobble Wobble woo-hoo!

| Blog, Cycling Plus | 16/09/2010 18:36pm

In one of my first Cycling Plus editor’s letters I threatened to enter a hill climb and be sick on my shoes.  Three years on it finally happens, so if you want to see such a thing – and who wouldn’t – then head to Frome in Somerset this Sunday…

You see, there’s a pretty cobbled street that runs through the middle of Frome called Catherine Hill. It’s pretty short – just 179 yards – but it’s steep and last year, when the Tour of Britain visited the town, local riders decided to put on a race as part of the Tour festivities. It was so successful that The Cobble Wobble is back for it’s second year.

Not me, not yesterday, not preparing for the Cobble Wobble.

In 2009 I somehow managed to be on holiday when the Wobble took place but, I said to anyone who’d listen, I would have definitely done it had I been around. Oh yes.

I’m around this weekend but I had forgotten to, erm, enter. And then Nick Larsen from Charge – based in Frome and backing the event – asked if I’d like to do it. I was washing my hair, washing the kid’s hair, I’m probably ill on Sunday…

But Nick played a blinder: “You can borrow a titanium Skewer, with your name written on it in a fairground font if you like,” he said. I was in. So, Sunday 3:25 the men’s race kicks off. I’ll be there, definitely going slowly, possibly throwing up. Jamie Wilkins from Procycling is also riding – he’ll be taking it seriously – so come along and enjoy the spectacle.

(To be honest you’ll likely be much more impressed by top riders such as World Cup winner Marc Beaumont, trials genius Chris Akrigg, BMX racer Lewis Lacey, freeride legend Chris Smith,  and fixie-king Superted.)

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