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Rob+Ric’s Interbike Adventure – Part 1

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 18/09/2010 01:24am

I’d love to say good morning or evening to you all but to be honest, I’ve know idea what time it is!

All I do know is that I crawled out of bed at 03:55 GMT this morning and it’s now just gone 20:00 in our hotel/motel/Holiday Inn in Boulder City.

Our journey has been a lengthy one including the drive to Heathrow, a nine and a half hour flight to Houston followed by a three hour flight to Vegas and the thirty mile SUV jaunt to here.

The plane was ok actually – I busied myself with trying to watch the Bourne Trilogy back-to-back and woke up to find a Japanese dubbed version of The Man With The Golden Gun on so who knows…

The second flight was pretty cool as well as we got to fly over a forest fire on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

We’re off out now for a bit of scran then it’s up early doors for all-day riding/frying in the desert with Guy ‘I will destroy you’ Kesteven… Tune in tomorrow night for (hopefully) the full story and some nice pics.

Weaver - excited to be in an American car park or 'parking lot' as they like to say...

High altitude grub


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