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Rob+Ric’s Interbike Adventure – Part 3

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk, News | 23/09/2010 02:13am

The time of the desert is over – let there be trade show!

Our last day in the desert was a bit more relaxed after the epic shift we put in the day before. Guy and I caned it on some 29ers for a bit,

Gert flag

which was good craic as I’ve never spent much time on them. After that we went for a ride with new World Champ Tracy Moseley and got a couple of shots before I blagged myself a new Ibis Mojo HD 140 to take for a razz.

I was pinning it trying to keep up with Weavs on what turned out to be our last trail of the trip when the world’s slowest man got in our way. Weavs got past him and he wasn’t happy about it so made his ample frame even bigger and blocked me off for the rest of the run. Brilliant.

Actually, we found a lot of American riders to be pretty grumpy – in a scientific survey we conducted only one in twenty five riders responded to a traditional British “HIIIIYA!”

Today was our first full day in Vague Arse and it’s a weird place. Everything as you’d expect, is that little (read; “stupidly”) over the top. For example, our hotel has a full-size mechanised pirate ship gun battle outside it every night… A bit much.

We’ve had a bit of a ‘mare with our kit too – our trusty MBUK wind/water/Jamer-proof camera had a break down in the desert and wifi in the new hotel isn’t great but we’re back in business now so will hopefully have loads of tasty bikes and kit for you tomorrow. In the mean-time, here’s a picture of an American flag…


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  1. Interesting blog, i skimmed it and loved it.