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Sam’s all about the little things…

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 11/10/2010 08:30am

The World Champ’s Specialized Demo 8 under the microscope.

Sam Hill’s mechanic Jacy has always made sure that the Antipodean flyin’ machines bikes have been imaculately prepped. His Iron Horse Sunday was famous for having more little tricks and polishes than the rest of the World Cup fields’ put together.

Ok, so a square inch of moto-foam here and there does not World Champions make but it all adds up. In a sport where the Overall title was decided by just three tenths of a second, little differences can have huge consequences.

We ran into Sam’s bike on the Specialized stands at both Interbike and at London’s Cycle Show and every time you look at it it seems like you see another ten little tweaks that you missed last time. Here are our favourites…

Custom cable-guide – This neat solution deals with keeping the gear and brake cables snug and out of the way. It’s missing from the production bike but may make a cool little mod.

Micro-drive gearing – We guarantee that there’s very little that would feel ‘micro’ about this gearing once you were pedalling it. A lot has been made about the tiny six speed block on the Monster Energy/Specialized bikes this year but apparently it’s just to enable them to run a smaller front ring which in turn provides a touch more ground clearance.

Custom E*Thirteen bash-ring РThis trimmed down bash also helps to  make that extra ground clearance possible.

Custom SDG saddle – Another one which rumbled the forums earlier in the year. You can read more about this ‘Jacy special’ in MBUK very soon…

Trimmed shifter – You know that you’re operating in hundreths of a second when your mechanic starts filing down the edge of your SRAM X0 shifter. Pro-only name etching obligatory.

Double cut tyres – The tricky conditions at Mont St. Anne had everyone second-guessing their tyre choice. Sam’s bike was running a double cut (straight and slanted) front and a straight cut rear.


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