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Busman’s Holiday

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 27/10/2010 16:28pm

A common myth about working for a bike mag is that you spend all day, every day riding your bike. Sadly, you don’t.

So last week I cashed in some holidays, turned off the computer and headed to the Seven Staines for some much needed, unashamedly selfish ‘me riding my bike’ time. No products to test, no deadlines and definitely no mobile (apart from the one when the missus rang to say that the dog had pulled the curtains down).

I don’t think I’ve ever had two more different days riding in such close proximity. I hooked up with Clive Forth of Extreme Endurance and we decided to hit Spooky Woods at Glentress on day one. I’d never ridden it and its ‘big fun’ reputation seemed like a cool idea to kick off the trip.

What can I say? It was amazing – grin plastered all over my face, crab hands and burning forearms. I think the coolest thing about it was that you can swap between going racer-head fast to slacking off a bit and kicking the back-end out for a section and just having fun. It was bone dry too… In October. I could tell Clive was wanting something a bit more challenging though…

Day two and he made sure he got exactly that! Twenty six miles of monster trucking in Mabie Forest. It was lots of fire-road climbing followed by mile after mile of descending. We got to ride a couple of the trails featured in Home too which was cool. By the time we got back to the Shed Cafe I was ready to sesh down two ham salad baps, a slice of cake, a coffee, a Lucozade and a pint of water in just under fifteen minutes.

Come day three and nursing an Edinburgh-sourced hangover from the night before I took my good friend Dave out for a couple more cruisy/a bit boozey laps at Glentress. It may have been the sweated out Stella’s but I had no idea that the blue loop was so much fun up there! Booty kickers and drops the whole way down coupled with fast, inter-linking berms? Just the ticket accompanied by the lap of the red to finish.

Three days worth of awesome riding, great banter and some pretty decent weather. If I hadn’t enjoyed it so much I’d almost feel guilty! Bring on winter!


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