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Keeping it subtle.

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 08/11/2010 08:30am

Ric gets some subtle new daps.

These new FiveTen Hellcat SPD’s landed on my desk late on Friday afternoon and are some of the coolest looking riding shoes I’ve seen in ages.

They’re the same as the new Minnaar signature SPD’s except, well subtler.

Photographers love lairy bike kit and we’re often encouraged to wear brighter and brighter togs. Don’t get me wrong, colour is good, especially in the midst of the dark, dank winter but sometimes it’s nice to just tone things back a bit.

I like the unfussyness (there’s a new word) of plain kit. Call me boring but there’s something deeply appealing about a well thought-out black pair of shoes like these.

As with everything FiveTen, grip is paramount when it comes to the Hellcat SPD’s so you get a hard-wearing leather upper attached to the trademark gooey Stealth Rubber soles only now with a stiff midsole and a cleat cutaway.

When coupled with the likes of a Crank Brothers Mallet platform-style clipless pedal this sounds like a pretty formidable combo. Roll a cleat on the way out of a corner? No problem, loads of grip to keep you stuck to the pedal until you get back up to speed and re-engage. Subtle yet brilliant.

Could this be the greatest all mountain/DH clippy shoe ever made? Full review on it’s way soon…


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