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The postman’s been knocking…

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 08/11/2010 12:21pm

We love it when the postie shows up at MBUK towers, as the poor guy is always laiden with bags of shiny new kit for us to test out.

A couple of years ago I tried running a 1x 9 set up on my old Commencal, but couldn’t get the gearing quite right for my local rides. A 32 up front was a shade too tough for a couple of local climbs, and combined with the 11-32 cassette out back, was too small and span out easily on the faster stuff- so as much as I liked the idea, it didn’t work for me and I went back to a triple set-up on the front.

With 10 speed, it’s given me the chance to get back on a single ring up front- although until the braze on mount MRP 1x guide is available, I’ve had to bodge a mount to get it rolling. Despite the looks, it’s pretty solid and does the trick.

Up front I’m on a 34t ring, with the 11-36 out back- although I may try out a bigger 36 up front- it’s a month of experimenting for me!

I’ve also just fitted a spanking new pair of XTR spd pedals- the Trail model. In the MBUK office, I’m the Shimano die hard on the pedal front- Weaver likes Crank Bros Candy pedals or Mallets for DH. Ric also rides Mallets and Jamer’s on Time pedals as they appear to be the only ones that cater for his bandy legs and ten-to-two feet.

I’ve tried most pedals that exist, but always come back to the Shimano options. They have the most positive click on entry and release- firmly announcing to you if you’re in or not. No vagueness like with Crank pedals here.

And my last pair of XTR pedals are 5-years old, and still going strong. These new trail specific models have a wider platform though for support- perfect for more casual style shoes such as the Five Ten Minnaar, which I’ve been running for a while now. On smaller pedals like regular XTR units, the sole has an amount of lateral flex, which actually creates a sore spot for me on the outside of my foot. The support although minimal, is better on the trail pedal- but I’ll be trying a full platform pedal to see how they fare.

Keep an eye out in the magazine for more additions!


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