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Wrecking Crew @ FOD Mini-DH

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 06/12/2010 12:14pm

Pic: Jon Ashelford PhotographyCold, cold fun…

No-one likes getting out of bed at 6am on a Sunday. It doesn’t feel right – all your body wants to do is stay under the duvet and shut back down again knowing that a day of lounging, Sky TV and the Sunday papers await it on wakening.

Not for Jamer, Weavs and myself though. No, this Sunday was all about the Mini-DH race at the Forest of Dean!

The early start didn’t hamper spirits too much and after a quick blast in the Vito Sport we were soon padding and layering up at the frosty FOD. Jamer was tackling his first race in Masters whilst Rob and I were alongside Jake in the small Pro-Am field.

Yeah, I know – I wasn’t mad for being in the fastest class of the day. There were nine riders including myslelf and I estimated all of them to be quicker than me! That said, I went into both my runs pretty relaxed knowing that the clock was my main rival on the day.

If you own a big bike you seriously need to get along to a Mini-DH race. The track was fun, well marshalled and the whole day ran really smoothly. Staying warm was a battle but the banter at the bottom kept us going and we all had an amazing time.

As predicted, I brought it home 9th in Pro-Am but took some pride in the fact that my second run was two seconds quicker than my first, it was TECHNICALLY a top ten finish and that I was the fastest Irishman there! Jamer came home in a highly respectable 42nd whilst Rob and Jake were 5th and 6th respectively in Pro-Am.

See how everyone else got on here, there’ll be more in the next MBUK 260 (on sale 12th Jan) too.

In the mean time, here are some pics of the world’s least professional race team in action courtesy of Jon Ashelford Photography.

Pic: Jon Ashelford PhotographyPic: Jon Ashelford PhotographyPic: Jon Ashelford Photography


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