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(What’s the story) Ric’s Giant Glory?

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 13/12/2010 12:31pm

The end of… Well, a year.

This week marks the end of the road for myself and my Giant Glory long-term bike. The nice men from Giant UK have been on and she is being recalled to base.

It’s been an eventful year aboard the Glory and it’s fair to say that it’s been a great long-term bike. After breaking my arm first riding the thing for issue 246 things got off to a less than brilliant start. That said though, I knew I liked it – if I’m honest, more than I had expected to.

The stand-out moment of the year for the Glory though was definitely our trip to Malaga. Pete Drew from Silverfish and myself headed out there to sample the delights of the new Rocky Mountain Slayer, slow-cooked ribs and the joys of drinking beers and generally being loutish in a communal swimming pool. The Glory came with though for two days worth of feature shooting (see issue 258) which really cemented our relationship.

I guess it sort of jades your view a bit when you get to ride some of your years best tracks/trails aboard a certain bike but even after destroying a chainring, my ribs and a finger – the Glory was amazing in Malaga.

The tracks were long, brutal and both technical yet flat-out in equal measures. I’d just had the bike back from Mojo who had shortened the rear shock by 5mm which had slackened the head-angle out nicely and the 2011 Fox 40′s up front were an education in plushness.

Other mods which made the Giant a pleasure to own were the bombproof Hope Pro 2 wheelset,Renthal Fatbars and the Continental Der Baron tyres.

The wheels were one of the first products to get tested and as soon as they were on the Glory that was it – a years worth of riding and abuse later and they’re still just as smooth and straight as ever. The bars were a classic case of  ‘yep, they’re for me’ – it’s all personal preference of course but the Fatbars just feel ‘right’ to me. Finally, I’ve only been running the Continental’s for a month but already I’m in love with them. They just hold on like nothing else I’ve ridden, watch out for a full review soon once they’ve done the office rounds.

All in then, the Glory has been a superb long-term bike. A stable test-bench and consistent performer it rarely let me down and was always up for ‘just one more run’.

Well done Giant Glory – you did both of us proud.

Jon Ashelford

Russ Burton


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