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Soggy trails and damp pants

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 12/01/2011 15:52pm

You know it’s wet when you get that ‘squishy’ feeling…

This is the less glamorous side of bike journalism – hovelling in the back of a Van being gently buffeted by the wind as a muddy puddle forms underneath me dripping from my shorts.

The tuna bap I’m eating has some how morphed into one soft brown ball and water is dripping from my visor. January is always a chore, not only has the warm glow of Christmas well and truly evaporated but it always seems somehow wetter and colder.

Snapper Steve Behr, Jake and myself are attempting to shoot the next issues bike test in some woods near Bath and the weather is horrendous. Honestly, if Noah was about he’d be rounding up giraffes!  As ever though, there are no excuses – we need the shots and have to come back with the very best that we can get.

Right, back to it then… Time to swap some pedals and get a bit wetter!


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