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Shed Envy 2 – The Wolf’s Lair

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 24/01/2011 12:25pm

The joy of shed…

Well, it’s finally finished! I say ‘finally’, Andrew and Joe from Timber Landscaping got my shed built in no time at all really. Four and a bit days from oddly-shaped baron moonscape to full-sized bike hanger to be precise.

Thursday night in the McLaughlin house-hold was a bit like a poorly-choreographed celtic version of Challenge Anneka. We had friends coming to stay so the wife needed the spare room bike-free… The gauntlet was thrown down.

One of the best things about tidying up bike clutter though is finding stuff you’d until then written off as being simply ‘lost in the ether’. Prize finds included replacement lenses for my long-suffering Oakley Radar’s, some Pedro’s tyre levers, a Crank Brothers multi-tool and two or three random titanium bolts. Not a bad hawl…

With everything in place and some tidy No Limits bike hangers on the wall my best mate Alan and I hung-overly went about man’s work… Putting up a clothes line and making a ‘shadow-board’ (tool wall).

The first bike job that needed doing was installing a press-fit BB into my BMX Bandit machine. With everything to hand and a decent bench to facilitate rubber mallets and cups of coffee it was pretty sweet finally working on one of my bikes in my very own shed.

The best thing about shed ownership so far however has been the arrival of loads of shed-related mini-tasks – you constantly find excuses to tackle small jobs. My Santa Cruz needs taken apart, cleaned, sorted and put back together (ok, not that small a job), I need to get some lighting in there and I need to track down a paint splattered Aiwa radio tuned exclusively to Five Live

Anyway, I can hand on heart say that if you’ve got a bit of space to spare, a few readies saved up and have been thinking about getting a shed – do it. At the (tender) age of 26 I’m a complete and utter shed convert – your bikes will get tighter, your house is less cluttered and if nothing else, you’ve got a fantastic excuse to hammer nails into bits of wood!


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