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Roaming on the Remedy…

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 07/02/2011 10:49am

The bike I’m out and about on the most is one of the very best things I’ve ever ridden- and has had a few changes lately…

I’ve been lucky enough to ride a hell of a lot of bikes in the nearly 10 years I’ve been at MBUK towers, and it’s pretty rare I sling a leg over a bike that’s unquestionably brilliant.

With my long legs, long arms and fairly short upper body I do struggle finding bikes with the right geometry- but when I rode an XL Trek Remedy Carbon at Moab last year I knew I’d found a winner. With a 70mm stem and a 740mm bar, it’s bang on for me.

After riding mine for nearly a year without changing much, it seems to have gone through a lot of changes in one hit- most recently Easton Carbon Haven wheels, Specialized Eskar tyres, Easton Havoc bars, a Garmin Edge 800 and some Rockshox Revelation XX forks.

You can read more on the wheels in the mag soon, but for now I’ll just say how I did doubt they could make that much difference over the alloy versions, but oh-my-god these things are fast.

Sure, £2K is enough to make a Sultan sweat, but they are phenomenally good wheels. Time will tell on strength, and I don’t plan on treating them well.

I’ve been running a Blacx seat post lately too, which are set to be distributed soon by a certain distributor. It’s magnstic release, neat cable routing and resistance to muck make it a sure fired winner. Watch this space for full details as we get them…

The bars have just been fitted, and with a comfortable 9deg bend and 5mm upsweep they feel good, and despite being very stiff have that shock absorbing property that carbon is famous for. More on these soon- although you might want to know they weigh a scant 240grams, and are rated as Easton’s strongest bars…

Garmin have a fantastic unit here with the Edge 800- the colour touch screen is very bright and easy to use. Intelligently the white screen with black graphic switches automatically when it’s dark out to a black screen with white graphics, so it doesn’t ruin your night vision. It’s a fully laiden bit of kit- look for a full review soon.

Finally, the thing I’ve been loving most is the Revelation XX fork. It’s ultra stiff, and once the dual air spring is dialled in correctly is very plush. It’s also easy to keep the fork at a good ride height, without sacrificing sensitivity- and there’s the added benefit of the hydraulic lock out with force adjustment. It makes a huge difference for out the seat climbing.

With the tapered steerer tube, fore and aft rigidity is ultra stiff- which is really noticeable under braking, especially when it’s rough out.


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