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Jamer and Ric hit the Lakes…

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 09/02/2011 17:34pm

We send the boys to Cumbria to ride some rocks.

A five hour drive after a boozey weekend in Edinburgh along with cramming all the little things that typically litter a Monday into a Monday afternoon was a bit of a head-bender. Still though, just like entering the Queens Street branch of a certain well-known chain of casinos at 3am on Saturday night, this was going to be a gamble…

Shooting a feature on riding some of the UK’s rockiest trails, in the first week of Feb, in the rainiest place in Briatin, on a bike that hadn’t arrived yet was all adding up to some Nurofen-worrying head-scratching.

But, with a few frenetic phone calls, some urgent bombing-around and a quick trip to M+S the Vito Sport was loaded up and we were ready to go. We even managed to sequester Charge Bikes’ Neil Arnold to come along too.

After several toilet stops to indulge the south west’s smallest bladder (that’s you, James) we made it to our Penrith B+B before hitting the local for some pies and pints. We also hooked up with the only outstanding member of our team,‘s Clive Forth.

The talk over dinner, as usual, focused around bikes, bike magazines, bike companies and well, bikes… Snapper Seb Rogers managed to wangle it round to Volkswagen vans for a bit and Clive and I did touch on 1980′s rally cars but the theme definitely stayed with all things two-wheeled for the majority.

Up early the next morning, we hit the road for the quick blip over to our base-camp in Patterdale.

I won’t go into too much detail on where and what we rode (you can read that in MBUK 262, on sale 9th March. Plug.) but suffice to say it was epic. I’ve never ridden anything like it.

We’d both definitely recommend a visit, particularly if you’re planning a foreign jaunt this year. As I said though, more next month…

Whilst I’m here though – everyone got the new copy of the mag yet? Well, it went on sale today and not only do you get my second ever front cover (worth the cover price alone. To my Mum.) but also a load of good stuff including us ragging it at Aston Hill, Doddy taking on Morocco and our essential guide to thrashing the Alps on a shoe-string. Oh yeah, and a rather snazzy chainstay protector too…


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