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Orbana energy drink test and reader offer

| Blog, ProCycling, Subscription Offers | 25/03/2011 16:00pm

Now that we’re all sold on the idea of recovery products, the latest niche to be targeted by sports nutrition companies is that of pre-ride fuel. Apparently a hearty breakfast and a double espresso is no longer regarded as the ideal way to stoke yourself for a few hours in the saddle.

Orbana Healthy Energy is a new product developed specifically as a pre-sport endurance fuel. Unlike other brands looking to expand their range, this is Orbana’s only product and it’s the fruit of a two-year research and development process. It’s free from stimulants and is approved by the Informed-Choice programme that tests for banned substances to protect athletes. It comes in powder form – mix one sachet into 250ml of water and drink it slowly around half an hour before your ride. The taste is unique but not at all unpleasant and it mixes easily. Each serving delivers 185kcal, 44g carbs, 2g protein

Jonny Hylton from Orbana explained how the mix of ingredients works: “Initially the small amount of simple sugars (fructose) gives you an initial energy ‘kick’ which is then reinforced by the high quality complex carb (maltodextrin) which can provide up to two hours of sustained energy (depending on the intensity of your exercise). Couple this with the B vitamins (they enhance energy production), amino acids and electrolytes (help speed up recovery and reduce cramp/lactate accumulation) and you have a much more rounded energy drink that gives energy but also aids in recovery. We actually have a Premiership football side and a National Rugby Union team that use it solely as part of their recovery strategy.”

We’ve tried Orbana on several rides and found a range of results. One rider experienced a huge rush of energy for an hour-long after work training session with reduced lactate build-up at very high heart rates and also a stronger start to a long Sunday morning ride. Another rider, a very fit and experienced racer training with power output, felt no benefit and saw no improvement in measured power against heart rate.

While that seems inconclusive, it looks likely that the strength of the benefit varies between individuals and we certainly think it’s worth a go. If you’re in the UK, you can try Orbana yourself for free by following the link below. The first 200 readers to click through here will receive a free sample sachet.
Orbana can be purchased at a number of independent cycling stores across the country or online at It costs £1.80 per 50g sachet / serving.


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