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High times

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 12/04/2011 10:28am

Is the riser bar coming back?! If so, you heard it here first…

Here at MBUK, you can end up being pretty promiscuous when it comes to selecting a steed. We swing our legs over more bikes, whether they be bike test machines, First Rides or prototypes¬† than is probably healthy. As a result, it pays to be pretty open-minded when it comes to set-up – you’ve got to be able to adapt and report back in an objective fashion.

When it comes to your long-term test bike though it’s important to form a more mature, considerate relationship. It’s got to be set-up just right for you to allow you to use it to it’s optimum as a test-bench. You’ve got to be able to swing a leg over it and go fast right from the off.

All that being said, my long-term Morewood Izimu has had me scratching my head a bit recently. After years of dropping upper crowns to headtubes, building up stack after stack of spacers on steerers and running ever-lower bars all in the quest for a lower front-end I was suddenly confronted with a bike that felt as though it would glide easily under most draught excluders.

Manufacturers have clearly caught on to the trend of the low front end and DH bikes are now creeping ever-lower. The problem is, the Morewood‘s low head-tube combined with the Spank flat-bar really hampered handling over the rough stuff, on braking into turns and made getting on the gas back out of them¬† feel like my knuckles were down below my knees somewhere.

I’ve been having a bit of an experimental couple of weeks in the shed trying out differing bar heights and after extensive testing have come out with a winning set-up – Renthal’s Fatbars in a 38mm height. The highest they do!

Ok, so my forks are still dropped through slightly and the top crown is slammed to the tube but that extra bit of height has transformed the front end of the Morewood. You can still leach it through turns but the increased stability everywhere else is massive.

Tech Ed. Weaver went racing this weekend on another set of 38mm bars and came back raving about them. Some bloke called ‘Sam’ something is also running them too… Not that’ll influence anyone, of course.

Could this be the year of the rise?!


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