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High rolling tubular tyres

| Blog, Kit, ProCycling | 21/04/2011 08:42am

This month, our operations editor Jamie Wilkins has been putting the new Schwalbe Ultremo tubular tyres through their paces – and through some potholes by the looks of things. Here’s what he thought.

Schwalbe Ultremo HT tubs, £71.99
Expensive but brilliant tubular tyres

 In the last issue of Procycling (150, April) we tested a set of Swift Carbon R50 Radium wheels. We needed some tubs to go on them that would be sufficiently fast and tough to test Swift’s claims for the wheels. With uncanny timing, Schwalbe were launching their new Ultremo HT tyres at the same time. The final prototypes of these and the related Ultremo TT tyres were used by Ivan Basso and his Liquigas team-mates to win the 2010 Giro.

They’re handmade with Latex tubes and RaceStar Triple Compound tread, a 40mm valve and RaceGuard puncture protection. Two sizes are available: the 22mm weighs 260g and can be inflated to 8-14 bar (115-205psi), the 25mm weighs 290g and should be run at 6-10 bar (90-145psi).

We found them to be fast, smooth, easy to mount and really confidence inspiring for hard cornering. They aren’t as light as some but the Race Guard puncture protection is worth the weight. During testing we hit a couple of shocking potholes, one of which scattered our bottles and almost threw us off, but the Ultremo HTs saw us through. For even more protection, the valve core is removable so you can add tyre slime.

They’re at the upper end of the price range for tubs but with such a strong combination of attributes we think they’re worth it.


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