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Weight-loss rider Clive Chapman reaches a momentous milestone

| Blog, What Mountain Bike | 16/05/2011 08:15am

There’s a bit to catch up on since my last blog. The weight loss is still carrying on at pace. I’m now seeing 14 stones on the scales at 14 stones, 12lb. That’s a 104lb loss!

June 2009

April 2011

I’ve been pretty disciplined about my food intake and I’m doing my upper body and core workout when I get in after every commute home. I do it straight away before I get changed and showered. If I don’t it won’t get done. I’m still not carrying any money at work either basically for the same reason as the workout thing. I’m still not in a position to trust myself regarding food or my workouts. Maybe I never will be in a position to trust myself. So at the moment I’m putting myself in a place where I have to do the right thing. That might be cheating myself though. I’ll have to think about that one.

I’m now getting to the stage where I can see an end to the weight loss. Not anytime soon I hasten to add, but there is now way less weight to lose than I have already lost. I’m starting to work out a strategy to cope with day-to-day existence, maintaining a healthy weight rather than losing weight. It’s a dangerous time for a food addict. I still can’t relax about it, not one iota.

The last few weeks have seen me coping with the pedalling, exercising, sensible eating and general living despite a few properly hectic things going on at home, which due to a stupid superstition I’m not mentioning out loud for fear of hexing it. Suffice to say in a previous life I would have stopped all forms of fitness and healthy eating and reverted to type because of the distractions. I am pretty proud of that I must say!

Much to my disgust I haven’t managed a proper mountain bike ride on my Marin since February, but I do have a couple of major trips planned. It has all been commuting on my rigid Specialized Rockhopper along the towpath and NCR5 or via the roads on my Giant Defy. There haven’t been too many leisure pedals unfortunately, but the 30 days of biking challenge (Google it) has made me get out every day in April so far, even if it’s just a bimble around the block with my four-year-old son Dan, who is now fully proficient on two wheels without stabilisers. I’m a very proud dad I hasten to add!

The Rockhopper is actually wifey’s bike that I pressed into service after the death of my 20-year-old Ridgeback. So I’ve taken advantage of the Cycle to Work scheme and ordered a Charge Mixer 8, which will then become my commuter of choice for the towpath and the winter. (Wifey really wants her bike back!) I’m intending to get it fitted with a belt drive so I’ll have a pretty maintenance free commuter. I’ll keep you all up to speed on how the conversion goes. I really hate the weekend ‘clean and lube the bike’ chore. Hopefully, belt drive, disc brakes and hub gears will put the maintenance to minimum.

As is usual you can find me daily over on wittering on about the usual random happenings and even with the odd video of life threatening incidents out on the mean streets of Birmingham during my commute.


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2 Responses to “Weight-loss rider Clive Chapman reaches a momentous milestone”

  1. Like the before and after photo. If you do another when you reach your goal weight, have a pint pot in hand for the full effect!

    I’ll be interested to hear about this conversion to belt drive – are you doing it yourself? Perhaps you could take some piccies as you go, if you are! It’d make a great blog!

  2. welshcyclist says:

    Clive is an inspiration to us all, I’ve been following his blog, almost since he started it, it’s always a great read. He hits so many things on the head, from the mundane to the special, and is a must read for cycle commuters. I’ve been cycling for the past 6 years, reached a very low plateau of perfoemance and stationary weightloss, his blog posts have got me moving again. Cheers Clive.

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