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How to prep inner tubes with sealant

| Blog, Knowledge, What Mountain Bike | 24/05/2011 13:17pm

Follow these eight simple steps as Justin Loretz shows you how to prep your inner tubes so the next thorn hole should self-seal before you even know you’ve had a punctureDeflate tubes
Assuming you have a Presta valve tube, deflate the inner tube and take it out of the tyre. It’s possible to add sealant when the tube is in the tyre, but it’s easier this way. Don’t worry about it being flat, just deflate it enough to add fluid.

Undo valve core
If your valve has a removable inner core, unscrew it with a pair of small pliers or the small plastic crow’s foot tool that’s designed specifically for the job. You can probably get one for free from your local bike shop mechanic if you ask nicely.

Unscrew valve
Many Presta valves don’t have removable inner cores because they’re too expensive. If this is the case with your valve, just unscrew the nipple and make sure it’s operating freely.

Insert spout
If your valve has a removable core, place the fine conical spout of the applicator bottle into the open end of the stem. Make sure the rubber tube isn’t blocking the back of the valve. If that happens then you won’t be able to get the fluid in.

Pour in sealant
Squeeze the bottle to inject the anti-puncture fluid. Check how much the manufacturer of your particular brand suggests using per tyre first. If you’re using one with fibres in it to block holes, you might need to shake the bottle.

If you notice an air lock, remove the applicator spout and allow the bottle to stand upright for a second. If you find the fluid hard to squirt in, you might find that the valve’s been temporarily blocked with fibres and needs cleaning.

Match the spout
For non-removable cores, snip the nose of the bottle so that it’s just under valve width. Screw the nozzle onto the valve’s threaded outer. This will form a seal and enable you to pump fluid through the valve. Sludge is the best brand for this.

Massage the tube
Reinsert the core or tighten the nipple and give the tube a massage to distribute the fluid and any fibres it contains through the tube. You’re now protected.


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