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Fort William out and about…

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 04/06/2011 14:51pm

Afternoon chaps, it’s sunny and warm here in Fort William; the track is looking as gnarly as ever and the pits are full of eye candy and the smell of midge repellent…

It’s always the event we love the most through the year- and seemingly everyone else too judging by the swarms of people who come out here to spectate. The journey up here alone is pretty spectacular- be in driving down form Inverness airport or heading up from Glasgow and past the incredible scenery in Glen Coe.

Imagine living here, with that for a back garden...

It’s a full house again this year and the course is looking rougher than ever- Greg Minnaar yesterday mentioned on Twitter that it was so brutal he wasn’t sure how many more runs he could do in practice.

Peaty, in the woods

And it’s not just rougher up top- the mid section has some interesting changes with new lines through the woods and some technical and really challenging lines. We watched Peaty and Greg Minnaar sessioning a few sections- both of them struggling to squeeze speed out of the horrible rooty twists through the trees. This could well be a make or break on race day- clean riders through here will undoubtedly get away faster.

There are some other features too, including a  new road gap jump- one of those all mouth no trousers obstacles that looks pretty intimidating to you or I, but the pros are braking into it and are literally plopping off the end to set themselves up clean for the s-bend that follows.

The new road gap feature looks big, but riders are braking in to it and are literally rolling off it

As usual the course spits riders through the archway jump and in to the arena to a huge cheer from the crowd- race day tomorrow will be amazing, but right now we’re getting excited about the 4X race tonight- with many great riders from the UK including Oggy, Pat Campbells Meatballs Jenner and Scott Beaumont.

Rob Warner and his posh tramp stamp

Anyhow, got to head back out to see what’s going on. Check back for more updates, and check out our Facebook page and Twitter feed for details as they come- when we have signal that is! Currently there only seems to be signal in the media tent, which is where I am writing this with lots of very boring people…


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