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Chain cleaning how-to

| Blog, Knowledge, What Mountain Bike | 14/06/2011 10:19am

Follow these simple steps to clean chain heaven

Do your prep
The bike needs to be shifted up into its top gear – the smallest rear sprocket and largest front chainring. This will allow you to back-pedal with the chain cleaner attached without losing the chain.

Clip it
Take the chain cleaner – we’re  using the Park Tool CM-5 in these pictures – and undo the two metal clips, one at either end of the chain bath. Remove the lid and place it to one side.

Align chain
Bring the chain bath up underneath the lower run of chain, which should sit neatly in the top. Try to align the chain squarely over the roller brushes.

Top it off
Fit the lid carefully back on the bath. This will trap the chain inside the bath. The chain should be enclosed. Reattach the two clips to fully secure the bath.

Bath time
Take the lid off your bottle of degreaser and pour enough liquid into the bath to bring the level up to the indicator stripe on the side. Don’t use more or it’ll spill out.

The chain bath is now ready for action. Slowly rotate the cranks backwards (anticlockwise). You’ll need to keep a steady hold on the chain bath’s handle. Keep going until you’re happy that the chain is running clean.

Full retreat
Carefully undo the metal clips that secure the bath’s lid and remove the top. Don’t spill the filthy cleaning liquid. Remove the chain bath from the lower run of chain and dispose of the old fluid safely.

Wipe chain dry
Use a clean rag to wipe the chain thoroughly. Not doing so will mean that the first lot of new lube you put on after cleaning will be immediately broken down by the degreaser.


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