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| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 04/07/2011 13:59pm

It’s the final countdown…

Well, here we are then – the week of the Megavalanche. By this time next week, we will have taken on and (hopefully) come out the other side of one of the most daunting races in mountain biking. Before we even get to Alpe D’Huez though, there’s a lot to be getting on with…

Jamer’s Scott Genius is still in partial disarray with his height-adjustable seat-post having let go last week. Rob’s Specialized Enduro and my Pivot Mach 5.7 are looking in better nick but we’re still guessing a bit on set-ups.

Worryingly, my chain managed to escape the clutches of my chain device at a roundabout this morning and sent me hurtling limply into the middle of the road. It’s never done that before though so I’m confident that it won’t do it again. Ahem…

Tonight is scheduled for packing and more head-scratching. The problem with the Mega is that everyone you talk to who has completed it has a completely differing list of stuff that you’ll ‘definitely need’. Folding or non-folding tyres? What chain-ring size? Can we really bring ourselves to wear glasses with a full-face?! All questions needing addressed…

Thanks to some dodgy deadline scheduling we’re also on for a full-on mad dash across France to make sign-on. But these things, we shall take in our stride. Hopefully. Probably.

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter along with this here blog for updates as MBUK take on the Mega!


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