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Doddy’s new 29er…

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 26/07/2011 16:35pm

Yep, that’s right. I’ve gone and done it. I’m now part of the wagon wheel, circus stunting, heavy cyclocross monstercross and not-a-proper-mountain-bike crowd. Or at least that’s what they say.

But what do they know?

I’ve been playing around with 29in wheels for a while now on various test bikes, and to be perfectly honest I’ve been nothing but astonished by their plus sides. In certain situations.

They aren’t good at everything. In fact far from it. They do have limitations. And they do look a little odd.

But they go like stink when it’s wet, slippery, bumpy, hilly and pretty much anywhere where I ride. It’s called the UK.

They don’t suffer in technical situations- you just have to ride them differently.

Doddy's Spearfish. Affectionally known as Old Deere.

I’ve gone for a Salsa Spearfish in a whopping 22in frame, in a lovely John Deere green. With matching yellow Fizik Gobi saddle. And I’ve decided to called it Old Deere. Which is what too many people think 29er riders are. So I’m going to see what I can do to help change opinions and show that the 29er does in fact have a place along side 26in wheel mountain bikes, hard tails, single speeds and all the othe rdifferent creatures out there. It’s just a bike, after all.

Says old on the tin, but goes flat out...

Up front is a Rock Shox Sid XX, and a SRAM XO groupset gets thing spinning and stopping. Crank Brothers Cobalt 29in wheels do the job of staying stiff and fast, and for now, Maxxis Ardent tyres are on there. Although I’ve already noted they’re just too heavy for this exceptionally light frame. Light in weight, but also in the way it rides. The Ardent wants to haul ass, but is somehow out of place. Anyone know what I mean?

The Ardent UST- rolls fast, grips well- but sluggish on this rig

It’s also over 800grams, plus sealant, I think somehting like the Maxxis Ikon will be the one, and when it gets wet out, I’ll get on the Beaver again. What 29er tyres are people running out there? I’m interested to know- let me know here.

There’s a 29er thread here on so feel free to let us know what you think of the bigger wheel compared to the smaller wheel. Let’s roll…


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