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| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 05/09/2011 11:27am

Four long days in a Zeppelin hangar with 2012′s finest products – Ric’s top 9 favourites.

So how was it then? Well, I’m still trying to get my head round it to be honest. Eurobike is huge, 12 halls worth of everything that the bike industry can muster. The big challenges for the discerning journalist are to seperate the interesting from the new, sift the needles from the haystack and generally lie/cheat your way to getting it all shot.

Thursday was my big day – photographer Dan Milner and I rocked up at 8am and left at 6pm having shot over twenty bikes and 30 products before retiring to our furnace-like hotel room to push through til 1am sending material back to MBUK Towers.

Anyway, after more potato noodles and tins of Red Bull than I care to remember – here are some of my hastily snapped Iphone highlights;

1. The show-stoppers

Just look at it… These will be rarer than a can of dandelion and burdock (name that tune), the Specialized/Troy Lee Designs frameset. There are some things that just stop you dead in your tracks and demand to be photographed, as with the bunny girls, this was one of them.

2. The big things

German brand, Rose Bikes’, debut 29er looks set to be a belter (apologies for the blurriness here, the caffeine was starting to kick in). It features internal cabling from the headtube right through to the end of the chainstays. Twenty niners were EVERYWHERE this year with the emphasis being on trail-slaying as opposed to race-winning.

3. The little things

This is what I liked most about Eurobike – dig a little deeper and you find the gems. These tidy little numbers are designed to replace the rubber bump-stops on your triple crown forks and also feature number-board mounts. Tidy.

4. The pro-bikes

It’s hard to move at Eurobike without tripping over a pro-bike, this was enduro-lunatic, Jerome Clementz’, Cannondale Claymore. Not only does this give manufacturers a chance to show-off results but it also allows you to get hands on with some ultra-fast machinery and check out the cool personal touches that make up the highest level race steads.

5. The mold-breakers

There is some utter, utter nonsense at Eurobike. Then, on the other hand, some companies manage to go way past the point of what would be considered normal and produce something teetering on the edge of iconic. Mondraker’s Podium was one such bike and easily one of the most photographed at the show.

6. The dream bikes

The time for spy-shots and blacked out race mules is over – the bikes we’ve been clammering to see for months finally break cover. Here is one such beast – the new-look Yeti 303 DH. I spent more time looking at this bike than I did the bizarre topless skin-painting spectacle in the main hall. What that says about me I’m not sure.

7. The sh*t internet connection

Having a bike show? Inviting the world’s press to attend? Don’t bother with up-to-date high-speed wifi – simply plumb in the slowest, most heart-breaking, crash harder than a Moritian DHer dial-up. This was our hotel room offering, note the block of wood – Microsoft are still tight-lipped on it’s performance benefits.

8. The bonkersness

This MX concept bike on the Specialized stand split opnions straight down the middle. I’d happily order up one for next years long-term machine though! They also had adult-sized three-wheeled trike things too.

9. The Fashion (disasters)

Ever wanted to be the best-dressed man in a room – get thee to Eurobike! Honestly, the male knee-sock was the tip of the fashion faux-pas’. There was an amazing looking chap rocking a sleeveless white T, cut-off denims and the flattest flat-top seen since Top Gun. Friedricshafen – were fashion goes to die.


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