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Getting it

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 11/09/2011 09:00am

Ric continues to battle with the big (wheel) issue.

Right, here is what my dear old Dublin granny would class as ‘the God’s honest’ – I’m  bored of the 29er debate.

Maybe ‘bored’ is the wrong word, there’s just a feeling that everyone seems to be insisting that they’re either the future and anything else is now obsolete or that they’re a flash in the notoriously flash-heavy bike industry pan.

Having just returned from Eurobike I can however, definitively state that they are here to stay. One cursery five minute wander around any of the big name brand’s stands would confirm this.

In America, if the 26in wheeled hardtail were Elvis then it would be hold up in Graceland contemplating ordering some food in. Although wagon wheeler fever hasn’t quite reached that boiling point over here yet, they are certainly making an impression.

Jamer and I went on issue 270′s (on sale 19th October) bike test shoot on Wednesday, boutique bikes. Among them were my longer limbed machines for the day – a Cielo and a Lynskey.

Amidst the drizzly yet warm confines of Ashton Court they were, admittedly, mighty. I’ll not spoil the results of the test for you but through the billiard table smooth flowy turns and berms the rolling speed generated by both bikes was incredible.

The titanium Lynskey, aggressively shod with WTB Bronson rubber, audibly tore chunks out of every tight corner whilst the natural keeness of the expensive material coupled with the twang of the big wheels produced an addictive ‘pop’ out of the turns.

The Cielo’s True Temper OX Platinum may have lacked the space-age ‘zing’ of a ti frame but as a trail machine blipping into and out of bomb-holes whilst hitting everything in between flat-out, it too was equally incredibly hard to fault.

Do I want one though? I can’t help but feel almost stuffy and old-fashioned by saying that I’m still unsure. There’s no doubting the leaps forward they’ve made since their first awkward conceptions but maybe I just haven’t found the one 29er with that special ‘want it deep in your balls’ (ahem) something. Yet.


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