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Twistin’ and turnin’

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 16/09/2011 10:21am

Deep breath everyone – Grip Shift is back!

It’s a Friday morning – traditionally a time to relax, sip coffee and find something to chip away at before the weekend finally lands. Today though, something wicked this way comes…

Well, not necessarily ‘wicked’ as such, just an unexpected blast from the past revived, revitalised and apparently back in bike shops soon.

SRAM are re-introducing the iconic/infamous Grip Shift.

That’s right, Grip Shift! I feel a bit like Sarah Conner in that bit in Terminator 2 when she sees Arnie walking up the corridor towards her. Hands slipping on a well-buffed vinyl floor, unsure as to the towering hulks potentially murderous intentions…

This isn’t simply a reissue of a once popular product however, SRAM’s BlackBox division have something a lot cleverer than that backing up its credentials. Namely, a set of World Championship stripes…

When Jarolsav Kulhavy battled his Specialized Epic across the line at the Champery XC Worlds a couple of weekends ago, it wasn’t just a debut win for a 29er at the Worlds, the Czech was also piloting the new look Grip Shift.

Complete with 10-speed shifting, the revitalised twist shifter is apparently going to be aimed at conquering the racey 2×10 market.

Blackbox’s Jon Cancellier has said, “We’re stoked to get it into production soon.”

How soon that will be remains to be seen but given that it was ready enough for SRAM to strap it to the bars of one of the pre-race World Champs favourites would indicate that it’s not too far off.


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