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What the web was made for…

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 04/11/2011 09:00am

This month’s trawl through our favourite ‘screen breaks’.

01 Happy Canadians

Canadian DH outfit Team Cycle Neron/Specialized blast dust filled corners and float massive rock gardens in this feel good edit which will have you aching for summer and the music of Eels.

02 Ric’s Morewood

In another of our new MBUK Machines videos, gangly Ulsterman Ric gives you an insight into his Morewood Izimu DH bike. Cheap and simple – like the man himself!

03 High Voltage

Ever wondered just how far you can push a Scott Voltage FR? The Coastal Crew take ‘a quick razz down the woods’ to a whole new level – you’ve been warned!

04 Balls-out backflip

G-Shock watches are notoriously tough, as is Cam Zink. Here he sends one of the biggest flips we’ve ever seen as a million and one alarms, timers and functions merrily bleep away.

05 Trail Terras

Italian helmet maestros, Met, have a new trail-shredding Terra lid on its way in 2012 and they’ve released this natty vid to complement it. Proper French trails in A’Lange getting torn apart – bien!

06 Really Garwy

The Garw Avalanche was a locals race which took place just outside the mighty metropolis of Bridgend. Proof that assemble enough mates, enduro bikes and tins of Carlsberg and you’ll have a good time.


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