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Ribs. I had ribs for lunch…

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 10/11/2011 12:14pm

Ric reports in from two days spent in the (former) slipper capital of the world.

The Staff Of Life pub practically leans into the main road between Todmorden and Cornholme. As an Irishman living outside of Ireland, I’m always cautious of stereotyping BUT I’m pretty sure that I could have inadvertently wandered into an episode of Emmerdale. Horse brasses, stone walls and blokes with sheep dogs fill the public bar whilst a local PTA meeting clad in various shades of Goretex huddle round a table full of soft-drinks.

I’m shattered. And hungry. The drive ‘up north’ was long, my B+B is at best odd and I’ve just had my legs torn off by Olympic hopefuls Kenta Gallagher, Annie Last and Grant Ferguson all day around Lee Quarry. The greyness never seemed to lift today and despite it never raining, I ended up soaked.

Ribs – that’ll sort me out. Ribs and a pint of best. The pint is a bit of a disappointment, it tastes like licking barley off the back of a dusty tractor. The ribs though… wow. This can’t be designed for one person surely?! I eat until it feels as though pork may be about to start seeping out of my ears then call it a day.

It was up early the following morning to meet Neil ‘The Don’ Donoghue and snapper Luke Webber over at Lee to tackle a Wrecking Crew loop of both it and neighbouring Crag Quarry. I hadn’t seen Donny in a bit so it was cool to catch up and to fail miserably in keeping up with him as usual. Fair play to Poppies Deli across the road too, after 4 1/2 hours of riding the girls there sorted us out with pies and coffee.

Keep an eye out in MBUK 272 (on sale 14th December) and 273 (11th January) along with some tasty little vids set to appear on this here blog in the not so distant future…


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