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Luck E*Thirteen

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 06/12/2011 14:05pm

After nearly three years in service, just what state is Ric’s chain device in?!

The other day I pulled my long-suffering E*Thirteen LG1+ off my Pivot long-term bike. I was reinstating it’s 2×10 set-up and to be honest, didn’t think much more about it until there now…

Staring blankly across my desk in search of inspiration from on-high, my gaze fell upon the battered, chipped, scuffed, off-white remnants of the LG1+. Actually, ‘remnants’ is doing the lightweight chain device a massive disservice. Spot of TLC with a toothbrush, some Muc-Off and a nip of grease and it could easily smash it’s way through three more years of rocks, roots and ‘Oh Christ…’ moments. In fact, if I was really into it, a quick dab of Cif and I could probably even restore the sheen to its battered white plastics.

The LG1+ is in essence a very simple design with some neat ideas worked into it. Top and bottom guides are manufactured from tough thermoplastic and are adjustable through a range of settings to adapt to different chainring sizes and suspension designs and all the hardware is captive ensuring easy installation and removal. Simple but extremely effective, not to mention light at just 169g.

Some tested products get ridden, shot and whether it’s the arrival of new stuff warranting a spanking/some carefully mulled over words or just long-term wear and tear, they eventually fall by the wayside and into the ‘random bits’ box nestling in my shed. The really good bits though, scoff in the face of time and it’s inherent ravages, making their way from bike to bike as the months and years eek by.

This chain device was first bolted on to my old and much-loved Iron Horse Sunday, it then jumped to my Giant Glory the following year then as soon as the mounting bracket arrived for my Pivot Mach 5.7, it found yet another new home. That little three bike time frame saw my very first DH race, countless Wrecking Crew and feature shoots, uplift days and of course, a little race out in France called the Megavalanche.

As much as it’s warded off the exotic advances of alpine rocks it’s also dealt with the regulars – that log on that trail which always requires sump bumping and various other Bath-based environmental features which now bare scars courstey of its honey-combed taco.

So to sum up, that’s three years, three bikes, hundreds if not thousands of miles and NO issues. No squeaks, no loose bolts, one re-grease of the idler  (that I can remember) and that’s it.

After all that then, has it been retired? Absolutely not! Hats off to you E*Thirteen LG1+ – you’re going the distance…


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