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MBUK’s best things of 2011! Plus our new year resolutions #2

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 21/12/2011 08:54am

Building his own trail made Doddy’s year…

During the run-up to Christmas (read, that time when we all vacate the office and forget we have jobs for a week-and-a-half), the MBUK team have been looking back on our favourite things of 2011, and looking ahead and making plans for 2012.

Next on the stand is Features Ed, Doddy


I finally got round to building my own trail this year, in an area I’ve been scoping out for years. And it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Other than a few essential features, I kept it as natural as possible, and spent time making sure that the start and finish of the trail were hard to find.

Doddy finally built his own trail this year, and is now loving riding it

The start of the trail is so steep that it doesn’t even look like a rideable trail, which is perfect to stop walkers taking a look.

If you’ve not built a trail before, I can highly recommend it – there’s nothing like riding something you’ve built.

But make sure you keep it on the down low. Don’t build big jumps or features that will get your trail noticed – make it blend in and keep quiet about it.


My new year resolution is to get myself really fit and strong, and to race more.

More looking back and looking forward from the MBUK team tomorrow – stay tuned for Coxy!


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