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Pro column: Sam Reynolds on the Great British winter

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 30/12/2011 09:14am

So it’s back! The great British winter… that time of year that really makes you question why, when there are so many warm and dry indoor hobbies to choose from, you have chosen mountain biking.

samrenSure, sometimes there’s nothing better than sliding through a slippery wet berm but, as a freestyle rider, winter really puts a downer on things. The skate parks are wet and dangerous, the dirt jumps are soft and flooded and everything’s cold and miserable!

Over the years, there are ways I have learned to keep riding all through winter. My favourite of course is just travelling abroad to escape the cold, but while it’s the easiest solution it isn’t the cheapest. A less pricey option is to ride a spot where the dirt is sandy and therefore better in the wet.

Chicksands and Woburn bike parks are perfect examples of winter-friendly riding areas. And if you don’t want to get muddy, indoor skate parks are the answer. Adrenaline Alley in Corby is a great one for experts and first-timers alike. No rain, no bike cleaning and maybe you can even pull a backflip into the foampit!


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