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Pro Factory

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 11/01/2012 08:30am

Ric gets the ‘pro-only’ custom treatment. Sort of.

The heat bounces off the tarmac and back up around my pasty knees as I step out of my fully tinted big, black pick-up into the Arizona heat. Massive shades firmly in place, I saunter across the parking lot and through the doors of Pivot Cycles where owner/designer Chris Cocalis is waiting. Hand outstretched he greets me and beckons me into a meeting room where coffee is ever-flowing via a sultry secretary and together we spend the rest of the day chatting and designing up my next bike…

Of course, this is all ballocks but it’s always nice to dream.

My time is nearly up with my Pivot Mach 5.7 long term bike and a new ride is on the cards. The Pivot is not perfect but it’s scarily close – improving on that will be tricky.

So, what would I change? In reality, nothing but if the above pro-factory scenario were to actually occur, what high-faluting, pro-rider style changes would I make/demand for the 2012 bike*? For arguments sake, let’s give the project the working title ‘Pivot Mach 5.7 Superleggera Competizione  RM01′…

- Carbon rear-end. I’m all for the move to carbon/the jump to hyper-space but I’ll keep the front triangle made out of alloy, please. As with the Yeti ASR5 Alloy, this will bring the signature bike into the range beneath the full carbon number in terms of price. Again, as with the Yeti, I love the feel of a carbon rear triangle and it would further trim some weight. Also, can I have more tyre clearance please? It’s not horrendous at the minute, but when running the reasonably chunky Hans Dampf’s it’s a bit tight in the sort of mud present down my local woods. Oh, and a custom linkage guard too. Would gloss finish be do-able? Lovely stuff.

- E-Thru rear axle. I’m constantly writing about the millions of changing standards in mountain biking but the one which makes most sense to me is the Shimano E-thru rear axle. QR simplicity with increased stiffness and feel? One of them please, Chris.

- Shimano HollowTech II bottom bracket. I’ve already done one BB30 (ok, it had the Mega to contend with…) and there’s a very subtle knocking coming from my second one already. HollowTech II is easy to use, easy to install and lasts. Let’s go with that…

- Custom Fox Kashima-Coated FIT 34 fork. There are rumours that the 34mm legged 26in wheel Fox fork isn’t far away (they do one for the wagon-wheelers already). The FIT 32′s on my bike are  my favourite fork but I miss the supple yet unbudgingly stiff feel of the 36′s I ran at the Mega. So, I’m sure it can’t be too much to ask for a custom set to be whipped up… We could even sticker them up as 32′s and leek them on Facebook?

- No bottle cages bolts. I just use bladders so we could probably bin them off. Bill it as weight saving? Lovely.

- Carbon fibre lower link. The gorgeously sculpted upper link in the Piv’s DW assembly is one of the sexiest parts of any bike ever. True fact. Now, there’s probably a very good engineering reason why the lower one isn’t carbon fibre too but I think my signature frame should have one. Maybe with some sort of signature logo or something?

More HobNobs please, Tiffany… (Are they even available in Arizona?! I don’t know – I’m drunk on power…)

- Titanium hardware. Let’s go for the good stuff all-round – Allen head bolts too, proper deep ones to avoid rounding-out. Alright, it may push the RRP up again but come on! This is a signature frame! Ok, just give me £30 and I’ll buy the bolts for my own bike and have my mechanic fit them…

- Paint. It’s a custom rig so lets go mental with the paint – Kawasaki green for the front triangle with the carbon rear getting a deep gloss lacquer and matching graphics. Remember the green the Iron Horse Mrk.III used to be available in? Yeah, that’s the badger. But brighter.

- Bottle opener. You see those front triangle shock mounts? Can we make the non-drive side into a bottle opener? No? Ok.

So that’s it then, the Pivot Mach 5.7 Superleggera Competizione  RM01is finished and what a bike she’s shaping up to be. Seriously though, my desk and head are a mess with catalogues and ideas as to what should replace the 5.7 when the fateful day comes when I have to box her up for the last time. Such, SUCH a good bike… Any suggestions?!

Keep an eye in MBUK Magazine and this here blog for some all new long term machines very soon.

*NB – For 2012 the Pivot Mach 5.7 will be available in carbon fibre. This will be the equivalent of the Millennium Falcon in terms of speed.


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