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Weekend shredding

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 23/01/2012 11:50am

I’ve been really enjoying the Norco Shinobi lately, as it feels far more like the sort of bike I’d use to shuttle steep and technical trails- not a million miles off my Ragley. So at the weekend I headed out to a local spot to hit a trail I worked on over the summer, specifically with my Ragley in mind. It’s steep, a lot of it off camber and you need a lot of Trials style stoppie turns to get round some of the steeper drop away turns. If ridden right, it’s got great flow, but I imagine it would be quite off putting for some to ride.

The Shinobi in it's prefered environment...

I’ve swapped the Rockshox Reverb post from another bike on to the Shinobi, and fitted some flat pedals for a bit of a session this weekend, and got to work having a blast- rather than my usual saturday grind out in the hills until there’s nothing left in me. It was nice, and a welcome shelter from the gusty wind.

It made me appreciate some of the riding kit I’ve been taking for granted too.

Like the Five Ten Baron shoe, which is styled in a similar vien to the Freeriders, but with a more technical upper using concealed lace loops. It’s a bloody good shoe with enough support for knocking around in the woods. They aren’t quite as sturdy, or grippy as the heavy duty Impact, or Sam Hill models, but don’t suffer the support shoe looks either. The Baron is great- although some aren’t keen on the Dennis the Menace colourway.

Five Ten Baron- grips like turd on carpet

Altura are a UK spawned brand making some great kit, but seem to slip under the radar considering what they make. These Apex trail shorts are great- long enough not to leave a gap between knee and knee pad, loose enough to be comfortable and cool yet cut excellently. A triple popper and zippered fly work well with the cinch adjustable waistband. The liner is great too- having a lycra base they are extremely comfortable and the padding is amongst the best I’ve tried in a liner.

Altura Apex- a great short

Oakley Factory Pilot gloves are nice and thin, and don’t use a cuff strap- they just slip on. I tend to prefer the security of a snug cuff, but these are great, simple gloves and look trick too. The padding in the knuckles is just enough to ward off thorny undergrowth, but don’t get too hot, or restrict movement in any way.

Old school looks, great feel

grippy braking fingers and thin palm

Here’s a few grabs from the trail I’ve built. Doesn’t give a lot away- I’ll get up there with a photographer when we hit spring as the amount of dense green foilage is amazing- almost jurassic in appearance.

Droppin' in!

About to hit the section padded with rocks...

A little rock section makes perma-gloop rideable

The start of the trail- nice and swoopy

About to make the 90deg left drop in to the steep bank

Steeper than it looks!

fast and sideways further down the trail

That’s enough waffling for now- we’ve got a mag to get out the door today…


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