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MBUK Machines: Ric’s Morewood Izimu

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 22/02/2012 11:28am

The big South African is race-prepped for the weekend.

 I haven’t really kept the DH racing ball-rolling so this weekend’s Forest Of Dean Mini-DH is going to be a welcome reintroduction to sweaty palms, cocking lines up and generally being a bit panicked!

That said, I do get an anoraky joy out of getting my bikes sorted for races. Maybe that’s the future, maybe I should leave the actual riding to somebody else and just concentrate on spannering?

Anyway, the Morewood is sorted so here’s a quick run down of the stuff I’ve got on there.

Burgtec Penthouse Mrk.3 pedals – you can’t go wrong. I’ve spent the last year or so swapping between clips and flats and after some deep debate, have decided to plump with flats. The Burgtecs are just about the best pedals I’ve ever used – comfy shape (not too big or small), great pins and more than man off to take the odd knock.

Nuke Proof ShockWave Ti spring – this was the first mod I ever made to the Morewood and couldn’t recommend it enough, I’m sure anyone whose ever felt the weight difference between a Ti and steel spring would agree and at 450lb x 3.0 it’s perfect for my lanky, heavy bones.

I’ve recently swapped my cockpit about from my trusty Renthal Fatbars and Integra stem to this new Direct-Mounter from Burgtec coupled to their 15mm rise, 780mm wide RideWider bars. I’m running an extra spacer on top of the crown too just in case things feel a bit low.

Manitou Dorado Pro fork. There’s just no denying how good these look and the dampening feels second to none. I need some more time on them to really get their number but they were always getting the nod over the standard RockShox BoxXer RC’s.

Specialized Butcher tyres. Throughout 2011 I opened my mind a bit to different kinds of tyres (I used to be staunchly Maxxis) and among the best that I’ve found are these Sam Hill signature numbers. The ‘Sam Hill’ bit is purely a width thing as these clock in at a spot-on 2.35in. Sadly, like Arthur Guinness, he doesn’t sign them all himself… The wheels are the ever-true Hope Hoops which are still click-clicking away on their second bike. Here’s my initial review too.

SDG I-Fly Storm saddle and I-Beam post. Another nod to the monosyllabic Aussie trend-setter, I tested this a while ago and it’s stayed put ever since. Ok, it’s just about as hard a perch as you’ll find but I love the racerhead functionality of it. The I-Beam system has been faultless and has stayed steadfastly up to torque since the day I fitted it.

There we have it then – she’s ready to go. My aims for this weekends racing? Stay on, have fun and go faster in my second run. I’ll try and strap a camera on to my head at some stage too so stay tuned for that…


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