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MBUK find singletrack heaven at Swinley Forest

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 23/02/2012 13:26pm

The MBUK team headed to Swinley Forest yesterday, to film some video to accompany our upcoming Big Ride feature.

Onloading the Vito in the Swinley car park

Broken chain - good start to the day!









Swinley impressed with its swoopy, tight and twisty singletrack. It’s a mix of natural and manmade trails, not too much in the way of climbing, but enough in the way of technical challenges. Jimmer was especially excited to be riding it all on his new 29er.

Berms aplenty on 'the orange trail' - we've rarely seen so many crammed into such a small area!

Max shares some of his local knowledge with MBUK's Nick










Watch out for the forthcoming video on and on this blog to see Jimmer, Nick and Rough Ride Guide‘s Max Darkins sessioning Tank Traps and Jump Gully! Other highlights included the Labyrinth and Deerstalker sections.







A great day was had by all, as they say (at least until Kim crashed into a tree). It costs £2 for a day permit to ride at Swinley (it’s private land, you see) but we’d say it’s well worth it. You can find the full guide to this route in MBUK 275, on sale 7 March.

Kim after her first faceplant into a tree. Ouch!


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  1. Lizard says:

    We go Swinley most weekends

    EPIC riding :)