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Mike Davis gets that on top of the world feeling

| Blog, What Mountain Bike | 29/03/2012 14:15pm

That’s not a mountain…

THIS is a mountain. In UK, perhaps for obvious reasons, a lot of mountain bikes never go up mountains. As in properly up, right to the top, rather than skirting the slopes, swooping around hills or just lurking in the local woods. So it’s good to get the mountain into biking sometimes. Especially times like these.

This is the top of Cadair Idris in North Wales, where we were just a few days back – on a mission. From here it’s about 7km back to where we parked. Oh, and 850m vertically. That’s 4.3 miles and 2800 feet in old money. That’s a lot of feet and a lot of rock.

It’s mostly rocky outcrops and loose boulders here. Sure, Coed y Brenin’s purpose-built trails are just a few minutes up the road and I’m certainly not averse to a bit of trail centre blasting – but really, there’s no contest. Just look at it! In fact, don’t just look – get out there. But you’ll need a plan. You have to watch what you’re doing in the mountains, of course, so we’ll be telling you all about the hows, whys and wheres in an upcoming issue of What Mountain Bike. Don’t miss it.

Mike Davis


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