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The coolest back yard in the UK?

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 30/03/2012 09:00am

Last week we paid the Atherton family a visit, and were staggered to see what Dan Atherton had been up to. With a garden like this we wondered if he even rode a bike anymore…

This took Dan five and a half months to build using a digger, spade and a moto trike with flat tyres to roll in the transitions.

They’ll be a feature in MBUK soon, but for now check these shots out and dream of having this in your garden…


Insert own caption. Ours is too explicit.


Some of the lines don't even make sense. Just wait until you see them ridden...

It’s not just the garden that’s cool at the Atherton’s place either- it all is. I would happily live in their workshop and eat my dinner off the work tops.

They double up as mirrors too…

we're a little green looking at this...


Atherton Racing HQ

Is this some kind of Voodoo doll symbolising Dan out digging?

If we stick a pin in, will Dan stop digging?

Prototype Shimano brakes on Gee’s DH bike…


Shh! Top secret!


Felt tip doesn't fool us!

And bars too….


See what they've done there?





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