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50 Great British Trails: The Final Leg

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 10/05/2012 08:00am

The dynamic duo of Clive Forth and Frazer Waller head for home.

Having made good progress throughout the mainland it seemed that in no time at all we were heading down the A75 towards Cairnryan and our Stenaline crossing to Ireland.  The crossing was a breeze and I think the 3:30 AM start to take my girlfriend back to Newcastle airport helped the time fly by.

The weather had gone from wet and wild to cloudy and mild, however the nights were still predicted to be cold and we need to move fast through the Emerald Isle and make it in time for our return leg on the Stenaline Fast Ferry.  Our first stop was a small but fun trail on a private estate at Blessingbourn, the owners of the estate were kind enough to let us bivvy out in the woods next to the pump track. The trail here is short and sweet, a lot of thought has gone into making the most out of the landscape and the overall feel of the estate is unlike no other.

With yet another trail ticked off of the list we headed west to Galway and our second stop, Rosscahill. A small area of pine plantation sits next to a loch, there are a multitude of natural trails around this forest all of which are technically challenging and a huge amount of fun to ride. After a quick spin here we loaded the car once more and headed south stopping off in Tipperary for a swift Guinness before camping out near our final Irish trail centre Ballyhoura.

We rode 3 loops of fine fun flowing singletrack then headed back towards Belfast. With one trail left to do before I enjoy a nights sleep in my own bed, I woke to blue skies, sunshine  and a hearty breakfast. The regular Sheds locals were in attendance to ride out with Frazer and myself and we enjoyed a leisurely ride around Mabie Forest. After a lap of the red route and a bite to eat back at the Shed it was time to hit the jump Park. I left the forest in the evening sun and savoured the flavour of a job well done as I headed back home.

Here’re a few numbers from the trip;

52 Trails


27 days total

64 hours riding over 24 days

3 Rest/travel days

6760km of driving

112 Mulebar’s

You can read the full feature of Clive’s UK adventure complete with Frazer’s awesome shots in an MBUK near you soon.



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