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Cycling’s kitten bothering shame.

| Blog, Cycling Plus, News | 15/05/2012 14:17pm

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) today used a survey to claim that ‘More than half of cyclists jump red lights‘. But by using even less science we’ve uncovered something even more sinister – almost half of cyclists have upset a kitten while riding.

Our shocking revelation that 48% of riders will admit to making cute ickle baby cats cry is the result of an “exhaustive” poll carried out on our Facebook page. Other frankly astonishing findings from our survey revealed that a worrying 21% of cyclists have punched a cow whilst riding and more than a quarter (29%) have hurt the feelings of a sensitive child. Less surprising is the ‘fact’ that only seven per cent of cyclists have kissed a girl and liked it while pedalling.

Look at its face. Now make it cry. (istock)

Yep, our survey of, ooh literally 28 people was rubbish and proved nothing. A bit like the the IAM’s survey which has drawn a uniformly negative response from journalists and cyclists alike. Kaya Burgess, writing in The Times, and The Guardian’s Peter Walker are among many who’ve already poured eloquent scorn over the IAM’s shonky sensationalism.  Here at Cycling Plus we believe that every road user should obey The Highway Code and, therefore, we say simply don’t jump red lights. However, we can’t help but feel the IAM missed the real headline  – 31.8% of drivers questioned in the same poll say that they also jump red lights. Surely, the Institute of Advanced, erm, Motorists should be highlighting this figure. The facts are incontrovertible* – a pedestrian, cyclist or car driver is far more likely to be seriously injured or killed by a car jumping a light than a cyclist. In chasing cheap column inches the IAM has missed the mark by a massive margin.

* According to the Department for Transport (DfT), in 2009 no pedestrians were killed in Great Britain by cyclists, but 426 died in collisions with motor vehicles out of a total of 2,222 road fatalities




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