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Ring Rusty

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 02/07/2012 08:00am

Ric battles some irritating big bike mental gremlins.

“You don’t have to brake here, you don’t have to brake here, you… MUPPET!” Yet another corner fluffed, yet more time wasted and yet more head-scratching required.

I’ll hold my hands up here and say that I haven’t ridden my Morewood Izimu DH bike for a while and amidst the humid woods outside Stroud, I’m finding it difficult to re-adjust. Since the arrival of my Specialized Stumpy Evo, I’ve been spoilt. With every ride I become more and more impressed with the silver bullets abilities. The current crop of 150mm enduro/trail bikes are in fact so good that it can be all too easy to neglect the DH bike for yet another Saturday and pedal off into the woods aboard something altogether trailer.

If I’m honest, it’s that ‘pedal’ bit that is probably at the crux of this particular problem. Compared to remove from shed/disassemble/put in car/drive to woods/push up/ride/push up again/disassemble/put back in car/ drive home/reassemble/put in shed, remove from shed/ride can (rightly) seem pretty appealing.

Painful as it is to admit, I’d lost the ‘feel’ of a big bike – I was awash in a sea of grip. In corners I was massively underestimating it and when it came to sections where hard-stamping pedal charges were required I was left pumping and flicking and ultimately going slower again.

What’s the answer then? After a healthy dose of soul-searching, tea-leaf reading and crystal consulting I’ve come to a difficult conclusion… Ride more DH!

There are definitely worse problems to have!




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