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Why isn’t downhill in the Olympics?

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 27/07/2012 15:44pm

Everyone we know is getting a little gooey eyed at the thought of the Olympics taking place here in blighty- it’s kicking off in the UK right now- adverts on the TV, athletes being promoted on the radio, Twitter traffic going crazy and the whole buzz that’s traveling round- and just wait until the opening ceremony tonight. A little birdie tells us Sir Chris Hoy is getting involved…

It’s going to be one heck of a show!


Steve Peat flying the flag- would it look this good at the Olympics?

Our heart rates are already up just thinking about the Brits representing at the Velodrome, and how likely they are to take away a lot of medals. And the same too for the Cross Country MTB crew doing us proud at Hadley Farm.

But really what we- and most people we know- are calling for is the biggest, baddest and most exciting form of mountain biking to make it to the games. But does it belong there or should it be at the X-games instead?

The whole idea of the Olympic Games is that the sports are down to sportsmanship and fair game- not the tools used. Cross Country mountain biking sees most riders on very similar bikes- they may as well all be the same given the advantages between them all.

It’s the riders that really make the magic happen.

Track racing is done on bikes virtually identical to each other and Skiing is done on skis virtually the same as the next set.

Downhill mountain bikes vary immensely. Weight, suspension travel, geometry, efficiency, design– and the list goes on. Plus, the terrain they ride them on deteriorates as the race goes on. Meaning a lot of factors affect what the riders can do- despite current top times being so close. Apart from that American chap though,  who’s riding on his own at the moment.

Imagine if downhill mountain biking could be classed- like sailing…

Bikes could be built by different manufacturers but all have to adhere to a design, weight, length etc- removing the bike factor from the equation.

It’s certainly a talking piece right now here at MBUK towers- what’s your take on downhill mountain biking at the Olympics?


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One Response to “Why isn’t downhill in the Olympics?”

  1. Gary Lee Cooper says:

    Simply it should mirror the winter Olympics and skiing? Downhill, slalom and cross country! Simple. Why it hasn’t been done yet?? heaven only knows! … something to do with money at a wild stab in the dark??