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That time of year, again…

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 05/10/2012 09:00am

This summer, we’ve barely got to feel what dry trails are like here in the UK. But that’s not to say we don’t like riding in the filth- we love it!


Sloshing around in the muck is great fun when you’re out- it’s the clearing up after that can be a pain- and sometimes even just stepping outside when the rain in thrashing down….

Quite a nice paint effect that.

I was out on Wednesday, shooting a winter riding feature in some local woods to Bath. Those local to the area will know the spot well- as the one place you’re guaranteed to have a sit down or four, just trying to ride through when it’s muddy out. It’s so muddy in places- namely one run with a rut the whole way down, that it’s possible to be sideways for a few hundred metres on one trail. Assuming you’re not sliding down on your ass, that is. Which you probably are.

At first, hitting mud this bad can be a slap in the face, but when you adjust to just how wild the handling can be, it becomes fun- and taming the ride becomes your main focus.

Luckily, crashing when it’s this muddy rarely hurts as you end up sliding on the stuff. Although you can return home looking like you’ve been mud wrestling on a columbian mudslide.

No, they're not waterproof.

Despite weighing loads, this bit was fun!

Mud and lush green west country woodland...

This happened a lot. Front wheel.


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