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Brendan Fairclough pays us a visit…

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 31/10/2012 10:27am

Just before zipping down to Mexico for an urban DH race, Brendan and fellow S4P team mate Olly Wilkins paid us a lunchtime visit to taste the MBUK lunchtime favourite of the moment- Burritos…

So without much notice we fired it about on Twitter and the MBUK Facebook and asked him a bunch of questions you guys wanted asking- and here’s his answers…

Sven Martin (World Cup photographer): Can you still whip hung over, after the World Cup finals?

Is this a genuine question? You’ll have to ask him how much money he got for the photoshoot that I got up for especially early in the morning to help him (laughs)

Gareth Bates: Beef or Chicken in your Burrito?

Actually, Carnitas- Pork. It’s the most tender and tasty.

#s4bp @MissionBurritoHQ

Will Minton: What are your tips for Winter training?

Winter training for me is about Cross Country, Dirt Jumps and a lot of action on the motorbikes with the S4P team. I like to get out and do stuff- that’s what motivates me. Whatever you do, you have to want to do it. If it becomes a chore or too regulated you can lose that passion. You need to find what works for you.

Luka Novak: You were third at Pila in 2005- will this happen again?

Hopefully first race back next year! I’ve had five or six third places in my career so far, so I’m hoping to upgrade straight to a first place.

Tim Sadler: Have you got one of those Honda frames hung up in your garage?

No. I bloody wish! Greg (Minnaar) has though- he’s got one hanging up in his own bike shop. I don’t know why I didn’t try harder to get one.

King Harvey: What age did you start being successful at riding?

I guess when I was about fifteen. I was doing English Nationals at the time, and things started coming together. I was in Juvenile category and really had no interest in racing back then, but remember doing pretty well at Combe Sydnenham- and was just bitten by it.

Keith Valentine: Best W/C position? Is it speed, strength or stamina that’s stopped you getting higher?

Well, my best World Cup so far is a third place.

I think it’s been strength at times that’s held me back- it’s a hard one as I think I have most of the skills I need and my heads normally in a good place. There are a lot of elements I guess.

Sometimes after a run I might feel I didn’t push as hard as I can- and other times it can end in a crash. Maybe from not having the strength, maybe from having too much speed in that area.

Mission Burrito: Is Habanero salsa too hot for a first time Burrito?

Definitely too hot for a first timer! I spend a lot of time in Southern Cali at various Burrito establishments so I’m pretty down with my Burritos- but Habanero is too hot for me still!

Smokey Chipotle is perfect for Brendan. Habanero is too much...

James Gould: Skids or wheelies?

(no hesitation ) Definitely skids. Definitely. (looks at me like it was a stupid question).

Robert Chadwick: 29in or 26in?

This is a trick question or what? Obviously 650b all the way (laughs).

Nah, 26in all the way.

A Kinesis, a DMR Bolt, A rusty chained 650b Scott and a mean ass Scott hardtail

 Andrew Neethling (World Cup racer): I hear you’re clipping in next season…

That’s absolute rubbish!

* clips on clip on tie *

We’re actually just bringing out my signature flat pedal with DMR- the DMR Vault Brendog Edition. It’s matt black with gloss graphics and special pics. It’s amazing- really happy to have my own pedal.

Absolute rubbish Needles, you’re wrong.


Brendog's signature pedal...

Ricky Crompton: How was Morzine this year? See anything shocking?

(laughs) What!

Am, I supposed to answer that? Erm, yeah.

 Sami Poutianen: Which size Gambler do you ride?

Size large- it looks a little smaller at a glance as it’s low slung, but it’s good and long.

Ben Baker : How old were you when you were my age?


I reckon about 22.

Tom Hault: Who taught you to whip?

Just practice. I’ve always ridden trails and love jumping- it kind of just started coming on from when I was learning tabletops.

I love them though- they feel as rad as they look.


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