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Does wheel size really matter?

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 15/11/2012 17:30pm

The full results of Matt Page’s 26in, 650B and 29er comparison test in MBUK 284

matt page

Endurance racer Matt Page tests the three main wheel sizes to what difference they really make

In the latest issue of MBUK, Matt Page attempts to dispel the myths surrounding the different MTB wheels sizes (26in, 29er and 650B) by riding each of them over a series of laps to see which got him round the test trail fastest.

The test trail Matt used was a 7km loop at Cwm Rhaeadr, with a 3.3km uphill section and a 3.7kin downhill section.

If you’ve read the feature in the mag already, you’ll have seen that we only had room to print the average times for each wheel size on the uphill and downhill sections, and for the full the loops.

But for the data-loving wheel size geeks out there, here’s the full breakdown of the results in handy bar graph format.

The first shows how long it took each wheel size to complete the four laps of the uphill section, the second shows the times for the downhill section, and the final shows the times for the overall lap.

The final table shows the complete set of data.

As Matt notes in the feature, there was no really clear winner, and the difference in the times take to complete the sections and lap were small, but potentially significant for riders or racers for whom every split second counts.

You can read the full feature, including Matt’s overall conclusions, in MBUK 284 – on sale 16 November.

uphill results

downhill results

full lap results



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One Response to “Does wheel size really matter?”

  1. Neil says:

    Where is the power data?? It would be good to see the actual effort put into each lap AND the time. This would really improve the test.