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XX1 on Doddy’s Ibis Mojo HD

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 27/11/2012 11:25am

The weather is pretty filthy out at the moment, but like the big kids we are, it only encourages us to get out and ride. Which means coming back to the office with a trail of mud, and annoyed cleaners behind us…

My long term Ibis is a bike I know well, and after having just transformed it with a shock tuned by Mojo Suspension – but more on that in the magazine soon – I’ve been trying to ignore a box from SRAM sitting next to my desk, with a bunch of shiny XX1 11 speed goodies inside. Mainly as I’ve been waiting for some wheels to turn up, due to the 11 speed cassette needing a special cassette body to mount to.

A lovely looking bike. And no, it's not a 24in rear wheel. Just a gert cassette.

But with a recent delivery from Hope I was good to go, and whilst the rain was hammering down last night, I was stripping down the Mojo and giving it some XX1 loving. Which I have to say, as I was installing I did feel looked odd- the huge rear cassette makes your rear wheel look like a little 24in. I’d go as far as ugly.

The lovely, neat looking Mojo, which had a compact chain guide and a Shimano 1x10speed set up now looks more like a frankenbike. And the lack of chain guide due to XX1 not needing such a thing just freaks me out.

But one ride this morning and my mind is changed.

The gears have the clunk I’ve always loved from SRAM, and a lighter action seemingly than 1 x 10 SRAM with a clutch rear mech. One might say flawless.

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

And somehow, the whole drive train is nearly silent. Only the worst gear changes make noises. And even smashing down a – normally dried up – river bed this morning the chain didn’t budge and there was no slap whatsoever. I feel like the cat that got the cream- it’s bloody good.

Yes, it's odd. And yes, I still have reservations. But I'm starting to believe...

Also on the bike are a pair of Hope Hoop wheels- lovely machined Hope hubs on Stans ZTR Flow Ex rims, and with a pair of Maxxis Beaver tyres. They’re a super skinny 2in, but cut through the crap and don’t hold anything on the tread, although they did feel a little wild at times. But it’s exceptionally bad out at the moment.

Lovely job from the Hope boys

Finally, I have a pair of the new lock-on Renthal Kevlar grips and an excellent Hope R4 light. About time on the grips front. I won’t be needing any other grips- these are the one for me, thanks.

The R4 light is something great though- it fits on the bars, helmet or on the supplied head strap, designed for trail running- which is another current activity I’m enjoying.

The last pair of grips I'll be needing, and Hope's multi-use R4 light.

Right, it’s nearly time for a lunchtime blast now- be a shame not to seeing as I’m still wet…







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