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Why we love Christmas

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 05/12/2012 11:30am

Five things that make the festive season great for us here on MBUK

It gets dark early, which means we can go night-riding
Nothing makes riding our regular trails more fun than strapping on a set of lights and heading into the dark unknown!

It’s cold, so there are fewer people on the trails
We went for a team ride up at Ashton Court last Friday, and pretty much had the trails to ourselves! We had a bloomin’ good time too, and any other riders we did see were also enjoying their more chilled-out rides.

We get to listen to The Darkness’ Christmas song in the office
Don’t get all cooler-than-thou – you know you love it too. Especially the bit when Justin Hawkins yells ‘come on, kids’!

Our friends at bike companies send us treats
We’ve already been given a tin of Roses and a Krispy Kreme ‘assorted dozen’ this year. Last year we got sent a huge box of pasties and a box of wine. More please!

We get to offer you cheap subscription offers
Yep, because it’s Christmas, you can get up to 40% off a subscription to MBUK - click here for details! Might be worth dropping a hint to Santa about it…

But that’s enough from us – tell us what you love about Christmas below!


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