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VooDoo Adventure video: Friday flyer!

| Blog, Mountain Biking Uk | 12/12/2012 09:30am

Whilst his work mates are knocking back beers in London en route to a killer hangover, Rob was on his own journey up in to the Scottish Highlands for a couple of days of riding, relaxation and contemplation- before boarding the Caledonian Sleeper once more and arriving back at work on Monday morning…

Mountain Biking is one of those things that’s great to do with friends- but it’s gives you the much time needed to get away from hectic city life, so can be a great escape to do on your own.

A trip up to Fort William on the Sleeper like this really doesn’t cost that much money, and given you travel in dead time, works out really well- unlike flying or driving which both take up considerable amounts of time.

A basic return train ticket is £145- which entitles you to airplane style reclining seats, and you can take a bike on for free (but there is limited space so you must pre-book them on). You can spend more though by adding a bunk for £40 each way- cheaper than a night in a B+B, and more fun to boot. One night staying in Fort William at a hostel or similar can be as low as £15 a night- and you’ll only need to spend money feeding and watering yourself.

It’s well worth looking in to a trip like this- it was fantastic to do, and a genuine little adventure… Read the full story in MBUK 285, on sale on 14 December. Or why not subscribe so you never miss an issue? There’s some good deals on at the moment!





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